The School District of Palm Beach County has put together a great website of SAT help. They have included worksheets for lots of topics as well as a practice test and general strategies information. Check it out here.

Check out this free
SAT Test Prepartion & Study Guide website. It has help in all areas. You will have to fill out a student profile, but the website is completely free.

Here is another great
SAT Prep Help website. It offers explanations of each section of the SAT, general strategies as well as practice problems .

And, yet another great
SAT Prep website. It has sample questions as well as vocab lists. They have also created a 8-Week SAT Prep Plan . has created a great and information website with practice questions and modules to find your weaknesses. You can work through these practice problems then head over to the SAT Improvement Links website to help you improve in your weak areas. offers a lot of fee-based services, but has a wonderful free section on its
SAT homepage . It is a wealth of information on the SAT and ACT, information just for parents, information on admissions and free SAT prep materials . Check out the left side of the homepage to see it all! offers some valuable SAT resources including a study guide, practice questions, essay help, test-taking tips, exam information, review information and information about text anxiety. Check it out
here. offers these
SAT Prep downloads - it offers a diagnostic test, practice tests, as well lots of downloads to help with each section of the SAT. They are all FREE!

PBS has published this guide:
SAT Successful Scoring Tips .

Here is a set of Math and Critical Reading sample questions for you to work though.

While the URL has algebra in it, it has a vocab practice test in there as well. Great resource
here and looks like its growing every day!

Here is a set of practice problems for all sections of the SAT.

And, a set of
flashcards to help you study!

A set of SAT Prep Articles can be found
here .