The SAT is divided into three sections: Math, Writing and Critical Reading. The SAT has nine total sections. The essay section will always happen first, but after that, the math, critical reading and writing sections can come in any order!

Critical Reading

  • Sections: two 25 minute sections & one 20 minute section
  • Content: critical reading & sentence-level reading
  • Item Types: reading comprehenision, sentence completions and paragraph-length critical reading
  • On the "old" SAT, this section was known as the verbal section.

  • Sections: one 25 minute essay (always first) and one 35 minute section
  • Content: grammar, usage & word choice
  • The essay section measures your ability to a) organize and express ideas clearly; b) develop and support the main idea; and c) use appropiate word choice and sentence structure
  • The multiple choice writing questions measure your ability to a) improve sentences and paragraphs; and b) identify errors (such as diction, grammar, sentence construction, subject-verb agreement, proper word usage and wordiness)

  • Sections: two 25 minute sections & one 20 minute section
  • Content: numbers and operations; algebra and functions; geometry; statistics, probability and data analysis
  • Item Types: multiple choice & student-produced responses
  • You may bring your own calculator to the SAT to use. You may use a four-function, scientific or graphing calculator.