Here is a list of 5000 SAT Vocab words and their definitions provided by

The University of California - Riverside provides this list of the 1000 Most Common SAT Words. has a set of word lists located here. They are available as pdfs or just as a webpage. offers vocab lists as well as word lists with tests. offers word listswith printable lists and even web-based flashcards. offers a SAT Vocabulary Hangman game- a great way to learn the words! offers lots of vocab tests and three different levels of difficulty. Check it out here! Make sure you select the SAT ones! offers a quiz and database of SAT vocab words. Check it out here. offers SAT vocab lists broken up as nouns, verbs and adjectives. Check it out here - make sure you scroll down to the SAT-specific lists! offers word lists for the SAT. They have an innovative way of getting you to remember the words by attached short stories to each word to jog memories of definitions. Also, check out their SAT Preparation & Tips.

Check out for these quizzes of vocabulary and prefixes. Some require site membership (fee-based), but some are free!

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And, if you are a Twilight fan. Head out and buy the Twilight workbook. It'll go hand in hand with Twilight and help you learn your vocabulary through Twilight!